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I have a real serious crush on head stands. When I am stressed out or feeling anxious, I just do head stands. Kind of strange, but there is something about being upside down that makes me really really happy. And … Continue reading

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I read this article the other day — you should too. What I gained from it, it’s okay to fail. In fact, it’s good to fail. You try, you succeed, you fail, you learn. Just thought it was fitting based … Continue reading

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In true Self fashion, I am a month behind in getting Jenna her monthly mantra — but what’s a girl to do, right? I mean, I made a pretty for her, so we’re all good :)

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My favorite and best mentor/teacher in college would say this to us all the time, “use the KISS method — keep it simple, stupid.” It’s stuck with me through the years and I cannot help but think of it everyday … Continue reading

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This is a very rare and extremely desirable piece of art. If you are interested in purchasing, please email me at The price will be disclosed at that time. Thank you.

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Okay, you can feel sorry. But if we’re being true to this here statement, just don’t feel sorry for yourself. Maybe a little bit here and there, but when all is said and done, less is better. In my opinion … Continue reading

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I drew this the other day as a little motivator. Pretty simple stuff, but sometimes it’s so easy to get stuck. One step at a time, and you will move forward … even if you are walking backwards ;-) And … Continue reading

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Last week was an interesting week. I finally had the time to sit here and literally do nothing. It was fantastic. I came across this image and it got me thinking — not so much about love, but about spaces … Continue reading

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A friendly reminder that you can. Whatever you want to do, or think you can’t do, you can do. I feel like I need a reminder like this every once in a while, maybe you do too?

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I recently took a trip to Mexico and everyday on our walk to the Ocean we’d pass this cat. Bare building, weird cat — naturally I loved it.

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