Well, it’s been a big week and yes, I think my future is going to be bright. Good thing I have about 20 pairs of sunglasses :)

A few weeks ago a miracle happened, and no, I’m not preggers. I was introduced to an amazing group of people who were looking for a studio space. They needed a 6th person and it all worked out. We move into a beautiful space in Pioneer Square on March 1. Couldn’t be more excited!!!

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For those of you who have followed me for some time, you will know that I love drawing digi-hugs — silly stick drawings of people hugging — that I share over the internets. So, in honor of Valenties Day — I present to you my Digi-Love-Hug. Love love love.

Also, just to keep you all alive and laughing, here is one of my very first digi-hugs. It’s from 2009 and was meant for my friend Scott. I think I was trying to make it look like a real hug, which really didn’t work out — but if you see it like I do, you’ll be peeing your pants right about now — so it worked. I hope you are laughing and smiling, Happy Valentines.


[both illustrations are BDR originals]

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Color color color. Pretty pretty. Me so tired today — I’m enroute to Orange County for work. I’ve been up since 4 and went to bed at midnight, because in true packer-procrastination-mode, I didn’t even think about starting until 11 :) This trip should be fun and inspiring if all goes as planned. Maybe I’ll even see a wall that looks half as cool as that one up there.

1, 2

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I couldn’t resist. At work we are concepting ideas for Fall and one of the themes is Futurism. What is it, what isn’t it, all that jazz. So, when I googled “the future” this is what I found, ha! I can’t wait to mount a rocket like a pony and fly around!

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I have a real serious crush on head stands. When I am stressed out or feeling anxious, I just do head stands. Kind of strange, but there is something about being upside down that makes me really really happy.

And check this guy out, he has an entire series of head stand self-portraits. My hero.

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I read this article the other day — you should too. What I gained from it, it’s okay to fail. In fact, it’s good to fail. You try, you succeed, you fail, you learn. Just thought it was fitting based on what I was talking about yesterday. And, I thought those were pretty pictures, and that’s what this blog is more about anyway ;-)

1, 2 (oooh, I have no idea where I found that!!)

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Well, it’s the new year. A brand new one, 2013 in fact. To bad for those superstitious folk, they are going to dislike this year (my father included). I however, am very excited for this year. 2013, you better bring it.

2012 was interesting, to say the least. A lot happened. This past year has been a lot of refocussing, and learning, and failing, failing some more, then circling back around to learn more. Most of the learning was focused on myself, figuring out what I want and need and what I need to do to obtain that. I’ve figured some of it out, but not all of it. But hey, that is was 2013 is for, right? And all the years to come. If I had it all figured out now, I’d have nothing to look forward to, so it’s perfect!

Anyway, I am just going to post this now, since I started writing this on Tuesday, you know, when the New Year actually began. So cheers everybody, here’s to 2013!

Also, I would like to note that I am writing down goals this year, for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE! Which probably isn’t entirely true, I am sure I’ve written down a goal before but it was probably something like, “My goal is to save up for a My Little Pony since Dad keeps giving me Tonka Trucks”. With that being said, I will likely share those goals here to try and hold myself accountable … and then so I can brag about them once they’ve been accomplished ;-)

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In true Self fashion, I am a month behind in getting Jenna her monthly mantra — but what’s a girl to do, right? I mean, I made a pretty for her, so we’re all good :)

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My favorite and best mentor/teacher in college would say this to us all the time, “use the KISS method — keep it simple, stupid.” It’s stuck with me through the years and I cannot help but think of it everyday as I work. It’s a pretty good thing to live by too, I love simplifying — albeit that is difficult sometimes :)

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Welcome to my favorite holiday of the year! I hope you are all celebrating in your red, white and blue — I will be wearing my American flag suspenders, for sure! Happy 4th!

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