Friday Funday // in San Diego

I know that there are ugly power lines in this photo, but there are also palm trees and blue skies, so that is good. And it was the view from my bed this morning, which is especially great. I planned a last minute trip to San Diego and Los Angeles last week, so here I am, in San Diego today and driving to LA tomorrow.

It’s nice to be here. Yes, the sun is nice and I am not at work, but mainly because I love the feeling when you see someone that you haven’t seen in a year. When it’s not awkward and you get in the car and you’re like, oh hey, what’s up — just like you could have seen them yesterday. Yay for friends! And a double yay for friends who have moved to warm places!

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2 Responses to Friday Funday // in San Diego

  1. pve says:

    hi, thinking about my little christmas card from last year and wondering if you can do one for me this year. can you let me know if you are interested?
    pve (van essche)
    pve design

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