Friday Fun Day // Happy Almost 4th!

Is it Friday again?!? Yes, yes it is! Woot! What’s everyone got planned this weekend? Hey Independence Day, I see you!

I’m headed back to Eastern Washington to sun myself, followed by a river rafting trip down the Wenatchee, followed by some printing (yes, I do work, not just travel), followed by celebrating my cousin and his marriage (which means that I can finally show you his awesome invites on Tuesday!), then followed by a day trip to Vashon Island to celebrate my favorite holiday ever, the 4th! I love fireworks, like a lot. This 4th will be bitter-sweet though, the party will double as a farewell party to my bestie Eva who is moving in three weeks, tear.

Have a great weekend everybody, see you Monday (sort of)!

[image by LeBam]

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2 Responses to Friday Fun Day // Happy Almost 4th!

  1. Pink Ronnie says:

    Have a good one – sorry to hear your bestie’s leaving!
    Ronnie xo

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