I want to …

Everyone, meet Amelia Grace. She is the brain-child behind this awesome drawing. I wish I could draw like a kid again — it’s fearless. They just make it work and I love that. I sit down with a pen and say, ‘I am going to draw a face,’ then I freeze. It’s like I forgot where to start … with a line would be good, but you get what I mean. I get caught up in making it perfect when what I need to remember is that nothing is perfect, not even Michelangelo. So, next time I draw, it will be while channeling my favorite six-year-old, Amelia G.

A huge thanks to AG for the drawing (not that she is going to see this, last time I checked six-year-old’s don’t follow blogs …)!

PS. Do you see that side-pony? And the curly-ques in the names, ahh, so cute!

[drawing by AG, layout by BDR]

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