D.C. // Recap Part 1

Day 1 of D.C. was crazy. Mainly because the first half of it seemed like a fake day. Eva and I took the red-eye flight out of Seattle on Sunday, layover and all. Woah, it was a long night/morning/day. A dear friend of ours let us crash at his place in Arlington, so we popped in, changed our clothes and headed straight to our first apartment appointment. For those of you who don’t know, my bestie Eva and her husband Sam are moving to D.C. (Sam got into med school, holler!). Sam couldn’t make the trip out to look for apartments, so I was his stand-in.

Lucky for us (mainly for Eva), the first apartment we looked at was BOMB! Signed, sealed, delivered! What could have been a long long few days, turned into a perfect little trip.

To celebrate Eva + Sam’s new home, we went to the zoo, grabbed a cold beer at a nearby cafe and then washed it all down with cocktails and sushi on the rooftop of Perrys.

[images by BDR]

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2 Responses to D.C. // Recap Part 1

  1. Pink Ronnie says:

    Great shots Daniella! That caviar-covered sushi looks delicious!

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