Summer School PDX = Great Success!

Summer School PDX was a great success. I met so many great people, found so many new ideas and feel refreshed and inspired. I just love learning! I hope that I am able to take what I learned and share it with you all here. Some of it was just knowledge; how to organize my thoughts, come up with original and unique content, etc. But other stuff was tactile, very craft-tastic — so be on the lookout my friends, I have ideas and they are going to be shared!

A huge thanks to Joy, Joke and Sally, I hope to see/work/be inspired by you soon!

I am in transit to D.C. as I type, should be a fun and quick trip with Mrs. Burns.

[images by BDR]

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2 Responses to Summer School PDX = Great Success!

  1. Sara Gray says:

    It was so great meeting you in our summer school class with Joy! Looks like you had a blast the rest of the day and learned lots. Love your site!

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